PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is an online multiplayer Battle Royale. It was developed by ‘pubg corporation’ by the South Korean company, ‘Bluehole’. This is a steam powered Microsoft game, running on Unreal engine, with over three million purchases on the platform. PUBG is one of the best selling game of all time with over 50 million purchases, across all platforms. It was recently localized and released by Tencent Games, with two mobile versions for Android and iOS.

Recent Updates :

PUBG keeps receiving updates and has been introducing new maps annually or by 8-10 months. Sanhok was the last map introduced, followed by few new weapons. Sanhok is a 4km x 4km map, having more loot and accommodated with new weapons. 0.6 patch update of PUBG Mobile was having introduction of weapon, ‘SLR’. The update allowed AR attachments to be applicable on semi-auto sniper rifles. The huge downgrade was ‘8x’ scope not being attachable to any AR, except SLR. The introduction of Sanhok will be probably seen after 0.9 patch in global version of PUBG mobile. New Arcade mode, acknowledged as ‘War’ was also patched into the game.

Reporting players was made available along with reporting glitches and bugs. Better cheating reports and continuous monitoring of player’s behavior was also added. Previously, friendly damage was removed, still trolls found their way by using throwables. This issue is resolved by new monitoring system and player’s merit.

Upcoming Update :


In the new update, visual bug fixes are added, including loot box clipping. Player reporting system is also updated and seems more robust. While most of the updates seem to be behind the scenes, improving user experience, there is addition of few in-game things. After QBZ and QBU, new weapon is getting introduced in the game. The Beryl M762 is the new Assault Rifle, using 7.62 ammunition. If a person is used to using AKM, this might be the new weapon of their choice. Beryl M762 has auto, single and burst fire mode as well. It can take stability attachments, which will help improving accuracy and should reduce recoil.

PUBG is introducing a scooter, which will be Sanhok exclusive. One can now move around the map on a scooter instead of motorbike. This scooter is the replacement of motorbikes in Sanhok, becoming a unique aspect of the map. Corporation has also confirmed a new Sanhok specific vehicle, ‘Tukshai’. It is a three-wheeler for the map which will be introduced in further updates. Tukshai is currently being tested and will be patched into the game in September update.

PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 patch update:

As for the PUBG mobile, in the new 0.8.0 patch update, Sanhok will be introduced along with its perks. The map specific weapon, QBZ taking 5.56 ammunition will be introduced first. Flare gun will also be introduced in the mobile version, having same perks as the PC flare. Flare gun will be introduced for limited time only though. New shotgun Duckbill muzzle to reduce vertical spread, new vehicle, Armored UAZ and muscle car, and shotgun spread is also made dense. Shotgun stats are being adjusted whilst some major changes like M24 not being airdrop specific and damage balanced to 79, optimization of light grip are taking place.

In the new update, sight pattern and color of Red Dot, Holographic sight and 2x can be changed. The bullet can penetrate water, impeding less damage though. Spectators list can be viewed. Limited time clothing can be dismantled for BP. Some UI and animation changes are done for this patch. Boot camp, new skins, apples in spawn island, and some bug fixes are done.

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