OnePlus has become one of the top grossing companies lately. It had a lot of success by launching the OnePlus 3. The company now has become one of the best for providing flagships at a decent price.

The OnePlus 6T may be the first with the Snapdragon 855. We discuss what new features we are likely to see in the next OnePlus phone, which we expect to see released in November.

OnePlus 6T – Will it be the next flagship of OnePlus?

If we look at the past of OnePlus they have been releasing the “T” models (which are a bit tweaked then their predecessor) since OnePlus 3. So most likely there will be a OnePlus 6T coming soon. If this happens then it would be released in the month of November as OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5T were all launched in the same month. OnePlus India general manager Vikas Agarwal reportedly told tech2 at an event in Mumbai that OnePlus would release a 6T only if the industry had something new to offer. Remember that the OnePlus 3T was announced when Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 821, and the 5T came when manufacturers were increasingly jumping on the 18:9 display ratio.

Approximate cost of OnePlus 6T

OnePlus has been releasing killer flagships for a surprising low price. The new OnePlus 6T’s base variant i.e. 6GB/64GB would be somewhere around 500-520 USD and the 8GB/128GB around 570-600 USD.

Rumoured features that could come in OnePlus 6T

  •  Wireless charging – The new OP6 has a glass back. So the OP 6T could have a glass back that can support wireless charging. All the main competitors of OnePlus have adapted wireless charging in their flagships, so its time for OnePlus to take a step forward towards the same.
  • Waterproofing – The OP6 has an IP rating of IP67 (in short an IP67 rating means full protection against dust, and withstand submersion in one meter of water for thirty minutes). So the 6T could have an IP68 rating at par with its rivals.
  • Redesigned Notch – Many of the OnePlus fans have been disappointed because of the notch in the OP6. So there are some rumours saying that the notch will be very small in the shape of a triangle that will house a front facing camera.

  • Enhanced Camera – One of the most anticipated launches of 2018 has been the Huawei P20 Pro, which boasts three cameras at the rear. So the new OP 6T may also have the same. The likeliness of this happening is not much.
  • Snapdragon 855 – Seeing the huge success of OnePlus, Qualcomm may get encouraged to launch the 855 a bit early for the upcoming 6T. We think this rumour maybe more unlikely to happen.
  • In-screen fingerprint sensor – The OP 6T is rumoured to have an in-screen fingerprint sensor because many of the phones like Vivo Nex, Huawei Mate RS are having one.



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