After a long tiring day, we get ready to sleep and the last thing we do is set an alarm. But when the alarm goes off, you feel like the sleep you got is not enough, so you hit the snooze button to squeeze some extra sleep of 10, 20, 30 or so odd minutes… You think that it will help you get some rest but…. it isn’t the thing.

Those stolen minutes – as delicious as they seem – arent worth it.

-Corrie Pikul

What actually happens when you hit the snooze button –

“Drockling” is the phenomenon for dipping in and out of sleep in the early morning. Your body has several mechanisms to help you get up. Among many of those mechanisms one mechanism is to start warming up the body and increase the core temperature. This makes you feel more alert and less sleepy. This usually starts 2 hours before the body feels ready to wake up, says Rafael Pelayo, MD, a sleep specialist at the Stanford University Sleep Medicine Center. Like we said, the body needs some time to get ready to wake up. When you hit the snooze button and get back to sleep, the body thinks – “False alarm! I guess i didn’t need to do anything because we are not getting up.” And after few minutes it happens again the alarm rings, this time brain and body get a bit confused. This results in that fuzzy-headed, groggy feeling called sleep inertia. The more you snooze the more confused your body feels and this makes the condition worsened. You fall into a deeper sleep thereafter.


The bad habit of waking up at different times –

When you wake up at 7:00 AM one day and at 7:30 the other. This leads to your body not getting any idea about when to get you feeling sleepy and prevent itself from waking up the natural way. Getting a “QUALITY” sleep is more important than “QUANTITY” of sleep.

Tips for getting a better sleep –

Initially set up your alarm for a particular time and then actually get up without hitting the snooze button. Set up the alarm every day at the same time and wake up. Over a period of time, this consistency will help you feel naturally sleepy at the end of your day, and you will be able to wake up naturally without an alarm. This helps you feel fresh in the morning and also improves the body clock. The most important tip is don’t check your smartphone before bed!! keep it away from you.




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