iPhone XS and XS Max: All you need to know.

Apple just announced their flagship for this year, however there are just minute tweaks in this year’s flagship by Apple.The all new iPhones are XS and XS Max (bigger in size) So, let me just guide you through this year’s flagship iPhone.

The screen and glass are apparently better than on last year’s phone, but not so much so that I would upgrade for either on their own. Their are new stereo speakers for both the phones.

The iPhone XS Max is bigger, however, it is almost hard to distinguish the two when you’re looking at photos. It feels much better than any “Plus” iPhone ever has as claimed by the Apple representatives. The Max seems to be a little more ergonomic in subtle ways. If you’ve wanted a Plus before but were put off by the size, I’d at least try to hold the new Max size before making your decision.



Both phones have identical specs aside from their screens. They use Apple’s new A12 Bionic processor, which is supposed to be 15 percent faster than the A11, have improved water resistance that’s supposed to let them stay submerged in two meters of water for up to 30 minutes, and have support for two SIMs and gigabit LTE. The rear cameras have each seen improvements to make them faster (larger pixels on the wide-angle lens, a wider aperture on the telephoto lens), and the selfie camera is supposed to be faster as well (though not for any immediate spec-related reason).

Source: TheVerge

More than anything else, the most impressive tech demo this year is the new portrait mode feature, which allows you to adjust the bokeh after the shoot. Trust me, it will be fun to just slide the dial left and right and the effects on the photo. This will definitely be beneficial for all the photographers out there.

Source: TheVerge

The real difference comes down to both phones displays, though that’s just in terms of size and resolution. The XS has the same 5.8-inch size, OLED tech, and 2436 x 1125 resolution as the iPhone X, though it’s also supposed to have 60 percent greater dynamic range for more vibrant images. The XS Max takes the OLED screen and dynamic range gains and brings them to a 6.5-inch size, with a 2688 x 1242 resolution. Both have the same 458 ppi pixel density, so you don’t lose out on sharpness by going larger.

The phones are available in three colours: Silver, Space Grey and the new Gold colour (which looks stunning).

The iPhone XS starts at $999 for the 64GB option, and has 256GB and 512GB options as well. The iPhone XS Max starts at $1,099, with the same storage options. The 512GB option goes for $1,449. Preorders for both phones begin on September 14 and ship on September 21st in select countries.



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