How to train your dragon‘ has been a great series produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. It is an animation fantasy film series based on some Vikings’ and Dragons’ action. The movie series is based on the book series named same as the film. It was first release in 2010, and then there was a sequel to it in 2014. This one is the third and final film in the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy.

Plot :

The sequel is mainly based on the young love of dragons, especially the well known and one of it’s kind until now, Toothless, the only NightFury known till today. There is an introduction of a new dragon in the movie, a blazing white female dragon. She seems like another NightFury, but as can be heard in the trailer, Astrid calls her to be a LightFury. The LightFury has the bright and shiny white, scaly skin similar to Toothless. She has few tricks hidden below her wings, like she can disappear in the clear sky with a fireball blast.

Toothless not falling behind though. He seems to get some great powers related with lightning. It seems as the lightning from the sky flows through him, providing him great power.


It is time for Hiccup to stand beside his friend and help him get a girlfriend. Toothless helped Hiccup to get close to Astrid, and it looks like it is time for Hiccup to return the favour. The movie is a cute little love story of Toothless and his yet to be girlfriend. Hiccup is guiding Toothless to get through to her.

The Hidden World:

The movie introduces a hidden world of dragon, where tons of dragons can be seen living there life at finest. The LightFury seems to be from this hidden world. Hiccup being an explorer, becomes the pioneer of this world. Hiccup and Astrid happen to find this world while exploring around, making maps of the world. The details of the hidden world are yet to be known, but there is a guarantee of a Hunter, who seeks out every NightFury in the world. This Hunter has supposedly hunted all the NightFurys except Toothless and his new friend. As it seems in the trailer the Hunter manages to capture the LightFury and this movie is going to be an expedition to save her.

Hiccup being the chief of the tribe and Toothless being the alpha, still finds the place to be not safe anymore. There looks a possibility that the tribe may migrate to other place, completely of the map, hoped to be The Hidden World.

The movie is based on the The friendship of Lifetime and the young love. ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World’ is scheduled to be released on march 1,2019. There surely will be more trailer to the movie, possibly around the corner to be released by any time soon.

Make sure to check the trailer right below :




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