Guess what ? Apple might launch another variant of iphone X

It might come as a  suprise that the iphone X might be discontinued soon around the mid of 2018, but there’s a good reason behind this as Apple might come up with a larger variant of iphone  X with 6.1″ display.

The news comes from the the famous KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo , who’s famous for his pinpoint predictions in the past. According to kuo Apple might Launch three diffrent iphones two of which will be the updated version of it’s predecessor (Iphone X) sporting a smaller 5.8″ and a larger 6.5″ OLED displays. Now here’s where things start to get intresting

The new 6.1″ variant

The third model will be priced relatively lower than the other two models priced at around 700$-800$ which is quite low compared to the 999$ iphone X. The new variant will be having a 6.1″ LCD panel without the 3D touch feature well that’s not it, the mid range variant will be dropping quite a good amount fetures from iphone X ,with the major being that there won’t be any dual lens it will sport just a single rear camera lens ,also the model will be having 3 GB of RAM( 5.8″ and 6.5″ variant with 4 GB). says the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.


well it’s too early to predict what Apple might pull of but, Ming-Chi Kuo rarely goes wrong with his prediction and a lot of rumors still await until Apple makes it official so let’s wait and see what we’ll get .




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