Epic Games recently made the controversial decision to release the Android version of Fortnite on its own website rather than through the Google Play Store. The move was spurred by the revenue cut taken by the Mountain View company on its distribution platform, which Epic CEO Tim Sweeney felt was unjustified, but it generated a wave of concerns regarding security since it made it easier for fans of the game to fall for scams or download potentially harmful files.

Google warns it’s user Fortnite not available on play store

Reckoning the fact that users might get fooled by the fortnite clones that are already present on play store, Google has taken steps to protect their users from getting scammed. If you search for “Fortnite” on the Play Store you will be greeted with a message saying “Fortnite Battle Royal by Epic Games, Inc is not available on Google Play.” That still won’t stop the clones from showing up, but it’s a nice measure that should hopefully prevent a few disappointed users. But anyways it’s a sweet move from Google showing that they care about their customers.

Epic Games requires users who want to run Fortnite on Android to download an APK of the beta directly from its site. The decision essentially cuts Google out of potential revenue from app purchases, which would have been a 30 percent cut.

The Android version of Fortnite premiered in beta form yesterday exclusively for Samsung Galaxy devices, but it should be available for other Android phones in the next few days.




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