Cosmic Calendar

So as this is the beginning of Tech;saurus let’s start with the beginning of time, so how did it all started? That is the universe that we are a part of. Well it all started with the big bang, let us take a brief look as how from the big bang that took place 13.8 billion years ago till the time we came into existence how things were unfolded.


Take a good look at the calendar above called as the “cosmic calendar”, So what is this calendar? Well to put it in words the chronology of universe is visualized on the 12 months of Gregorian calendar, where a single month is approximately equal to a billion year.


The calendar starts with the big bang on 1st January at midnight, the universe as we know was smaller than the size of an atom in a very hot dense state and suddenly it started expanding with a rate so high even faster than the speed of light!! then on 14th of January on cosmic calendar i.e. a billion later the first galaxies were formed, add another 2 billion years to the time line, 11 billion years ago our milky way galaxy was formed dating 16th of march on the cosmic calendar, 2nd September our solar system was formed and on 6th September around 4.4 billion years ago our dear planet earth was formed, though it was some time before life was formed as back then earth was nothing but a ball of rubble full of volcanoes.

On 21st September around 600 million years later after the earth cooled down the first signs of life were found in the oceans the first life form to emerge were prokaryotes, a unicellular organism, then around 500 million years ago on 17th December fishes and proto-amphibians evolved in the ocean, 20th December was a big day for evolution on earth as for the first time life sprang on the land in the form of plants and trees, soon forests with array of different plants and trees started to bloom ,which in turn resulted with the birth of amphibians and reptiles on 23rd of December 300 million years ago and 230 million years ago was the age of dinosaurs i.e. on 25th of December, 30 million years later on 26th first mammals were found and on 30th December at 6:24 saw the end of dinosaurs and what caused that ? The answer is a comet and thanks to that we human beings came to life, otherwise our planet would still have been ruled by the dinosaurs and the earth would have been a better place .

Human evolution

Scratching your heads thinking when did we came into existence? If you have any ideas then let’s see how wrong were you,

The early humans also called as homo sapiens lived around 2.5 million years ago to put it on our cosmic calendar that point would be 31st December 22:24 , shocked? .Well this is nothing the domestication of fire took place on 31st December 23:44 around 400,000 years as of now, here’s more the wheel and the alphabets were invented on 31st December 23:59:49 which is just 11 seconds ago ! , Jesus Christ were born around 5 seconds ago and prophet Muhammad 4 seconds ago and the modern science which saw great scientists like Newton, Galileo, Einstein and many more all happened in mere 1.5 seconds that is around 400 years, well this tells us our position on cosmic calendar that how small we are but also how far have we come in just 14 seconds of time on cosmic calendar, for bonus here’s another fun fact: on the cosmic calendar a human life lasts for around a blink of an eye .

Date/Time Events
1st jan , midnight Big bang
22nd January First galaxies form
16th March Formation of milky way galaxy
2nd September Formation of solar system
6th September Formation of earth
21st September Signs of first life
17th December Fish and proto-amphibions
22nd December Reptiles and amphibians
25th December Age of dinosaurs
30th December Primates
31st Dec 22:24 Stone age
31st Dec 23:59:54 Jesus Christ
31st Dec 23:59:55 Prophet Muhammad
31st Dec 23:59:59 Modern history


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