Can using laptop affect the quality of sperm ? The answer is yes.

There’s a myth amongst people that the radiation from the laptop can affect the sperm, but the radiation emitted by the laptops is so small that it’s effect on your sperms is negligibe. So the reason that causes the fertility issue is completely different. But before that …..

Biology behind the placement of testicles

Turns out overheating of crotch is the main factor affecting the quality of your sperm. This issue occurs only amongst men not in women. So all the ladies out there no need to worry while using a laptop. But for men that’s not the case (blame your testicle’s placment.)

Human males have testicles outside our bodies for a reason,” says Dr. Jesse N. Mills, an associate clinical professor of urology and director of The Men’s Clinic at UCLA. “Our testicles like to be at least two degrees cooler than the rest of our body, and anything that affects their temperature can affect fertility.”


The research linking fertility struggles to hot tubs, saunas and other sources of “scrotal hyperthermia”—or excessively toasty testicles—goes back decades. There’s a clear and negative link between regular exposure to heat and a man’s sperm count and quality.

What’s the problem ?

There are basically two problems while using a laptop. First is the heat from laptop and secondly sitting with knees together also drastically increases the temperature near your crotch (This is bad news for men who assumed they were safe wedging a pillow or laptop pad underneath their computer.)

Yelim sheynin M.D(urologist) says “If a laptop is used every day, testicular temperature remains elevated almost all the time—there’s not enough time for it to go back to normal,”. So it’s better to take short breaks or change positions so that the area near your testicles remain cool. He also says that there are no cancer risks or other health concerns associated with hot laptops or elevated testicle temperatures.


 So close your laptop, hop off the couch and get moving. Or, at the very least, keep your computer on your desk (and off your thighs). That’s one way of saving your sperms or if you are not interested in children then rest easy.



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