Bugatti a French Supercar maker has made immensely beautiful and thrilling cars since its origin in 1909. The company has been known to make cars that are the fastest ever built. The Bugatti Veyron held the title of the fastest production car ever made for many years until Koenigsegg came into the business. So these two supercar making companies have been rivals since then. Bugatti just announced the all-new hypercar Bugatti Divo. It almost looks and feels like a concept car which has turned into reality.

All About The Divo:

The new Bugatti Divo costs a whopping €5 Million. Only 40 of these have been made. All of the 40 units got sold out even before the launch. Before you get too upset you never really stood a chance. In order to be eligible to buy one of these cars, you have to already own a Chiron at first place. Its an investment of €7.75 Million for the pair.

Buggati has kept up with the tradition of naming their cars after racing drivers. The Divo has been named by the legendary driver Albert Divo. The Bugatti Divo is a uniquely styled coupe that’s tuned specifically to go fast on a race track. The Divo is an extension of Chiron’s bloodline. It has the Chiron’s powertrain and Chiron’s chassis that’s where the resemblance ends. The prominent C-shaped character line that defines the Chiron’s profile has been removed completely, replaced with a new line that bisects the doors. The second most obvious difference is the rear wing and vertical fin reminiscent of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept. Bugatti says the central fin is inspired by the iconic Type 57 Atlantic.

The Divo is lighter and produces more downforce that results in the car being faster at corners. Divo is whole 8 seconds quicker per lap than the predecessor Chiron at the 6.2km loop at Italy’s Nardo track. But all of those tweaks come at the cost of a lower maximum speed than the Chiron’s 261-mph electronically governed limit. The Divo doesn’t get the Chiron’s Top Speed mode, so 236 mph is the best you’ll be able to do. The reason is the tires. Divo produces extra 90kg of downforce at top speed and wheels are given a degree of negative camber to cope up with the extra downforce.

Engine Specs and Design:

The Divo is powered by the same 8L Quad Turbo W16 engine as that of the Chiron and churns out 1479 bhp. It goes 0 to 60mph in just 2.4 seconds. It has been given a 4 wheel drive mated with a 7 Speed twin-clutch gearbox. The Divo is 35 kg lighter than the Chiron by using lots and lots of carbon. Moreover, they implemented grooves in the spokes. This saved them 6 kg of the total weight. It has distinctive C-shaped headlights, unlike the Chiron’s horizontal setup. The headlights are pushed to the extreme edge. All supercars use Alcantara for the interior as it is lighter than leather and more durable, the same goes for the Divo. The Divo has Quad Exhaust which looks and sounds amazing. Bugatti has written yet another stellar chapter in the history of hypercars by introducing the Divo.






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