Banana coin- Another cryptocurrency ?

After all the buzz about Bitcoins last year, there is a new cryptocurrency named Bananacoin which is coming in light this year. Yes, the name of the cryptocurrency is Bananacoin. The name itself suggests that it is related to Bananas.

Bananacoin is the world’s first blockchain option for participating in the production of organic bananas in Vientiane province, Laos. Buying a bananacoin gives the owner a share in the plantation of bananas which takes place in Laos.

Buying a bananacoin is definitely simple. Just head towards their website and you can buy it with the help of Bitcoin or Ethereum (Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are also cryptocurrencies). Additionally you can also buy a bananacoin with the help of paypal. The process for buying a bananacoin is written on their website or you can visit this link


The rate of a bananacoin is very low right now which gives us an opportunity to buy it right now, because who knows what its value might be in a few months. The rate of a bananacoin right now is just 0.5 USD, which definitely is cheap as compared to other cryptocurrencies. However the number of tokens or coins is limited. The number of bananacoins which are available to buy right now are 14 million out of which 3.8 million banancoins have already been sold.

Well it is not yet known whether it is a scam or is it officially a cryptocurrency. We will definitely know it in the near future until then lets just have an eye on it.



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