Amazon store with no queue has been finally started.

Remember the time when Amazon had previewed us their store with no queue ? Well it has finally been started in Seattle for customers now.

The Amazon store was on beta and was only available for their employees last year. However it has been started for the customers today.

On the first day of the store, it experienced a lot of customers, there were a number of  people to get in the store and purchase the thing which they want.


The store uses hundreds of ceiling mounted cameras and sensors to identify the customer and keep a track of the items which they buy.

On entering the store the customer has to just swipe in their cellphone with the Amazon Go app in it, similar to the way people do it in the London underground, and then they are free to buy anything they want.

There’s no need for a trolley or basket, since you won’t be unpacking it . In fact, unless you need to be ID-checked for an alcohol purchase, there’s also no need for any human interaction at all.

With the help of sensors on the shelves, the items are added on the Amazon Go app as soon as the customer picks it up and it gets deleted it while it is kept back on the shelf.

How does it work ?

Well Amazon uses “Computer vision deep learning algorithms” and “Sensor Fusion”, which is basically found on self driving cars. They call this technology as “Just walk out technology”.


You just have to scan the QR code on your device while entering the store and that’s it, after that you can keep it back in your pocket and shop the things you want.

There are hundreds of infra-red ceiling cameras which detects while the customer is moving around the store. There are weight sensing sensors on the shelf and when the customer lifts an item up it automatically gets added to the customers bag on the Amazon Go app. And some of the items have bar code on them so that cameras can recognize it. The payment of the purchase is debited from the customer’s bank account as soon as the customer leaves the store. However, Amazon is not offering any sort of information on how well this technology works.

With the opening of the Amazon Go store in Seattle, it definitely worth waiting to see where does Amazon open their next store as everybody is quite excited to see this store and have an experience of it.




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