Get wiser by drinking this!

Well, you must’ve been thinking that ‘the most orderly minds are the most brilliant ones! The brains of genius people are perfect in order with no traces of irregularity. Right? wrong!

Chaos is a ladder:

No, there’s not any reference related to the GOT but think of this, isn’t it obvious of us to think that arrangement of the brain in order is somehow related to our wisdom? The studies show something different.

Human intelligence comprises comprehension of and reasoning about an infinitely variable external environment. A brain capable of large variability in neural configurations, or states, will more easily understand and predict variable external events. Entropy measures the variety of configurations possible within a system, and recently the concept of brain entropy has been defined as the number of neural states a given brain can access. This study investigates the relationship between human intelligence and brain entropy, to determine whether neural variability as reflected in neuroimaging signals carries information about intellectual ability’.

Too much digest isn’t it? Let’s get this straight and simple.


According to researchers, the most chaotic brains are the most effective ones. They call this quality ” brain entropy “.

BRAIN ENTROPY: It is the measure of irregularity of the brain from one moment to other.

We generally associate the irregularity with lack of reasoning, but we also agree to the fact that our reasoning skills do not improve with the repetitive manner of a thinking process. An effective brain relies on new ways of thinking, it relies on often changing patterns of a thinking process. Makes sense?!

Now that you’re convinced by the theory, let we tell you how you how to boost your brain entropy.

All you have to do is drink coffee. Yes, that’s it! No expensive medication.  A study into the effects of caffeine pills on the entropy level of a resting brain found that about two coffee cups’ worth of caffeine was enough to increase blood flow in the lateral prefrontal cortex(a vital region). No wonder they call it “brain juice.”

There’s another way of increasing brain entropy and that is done by us involuntarily, it’s aging. The brain entropy increases with age.

Next time someone asks you to stop drinking coffee you’ve got some more facts to defend your coffee mug.



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