73 Q’s with Priyanka Chopra

Vogue has been breaking down everything you wanted to know about any celebrity by virtue of their series, 73 questions with…. ‘someone’. It was just a matter of time for Joe Sabia to encounter with India’s most loved actress, going for a huge debut in Hollywood, Ms. Priyanka Chopra, not Briyanka Chopra or Priyanka Shopra or anything like that as she dredges up in the session. As he says in every single session, it was so exciting and incredible. Priyanka loves India, especially Mumbai, that she is weirdly excited to drive through, with open windows as wind float with her hair. Mind you the same air, dusty, little polluted and avoided by every girl with her scarf probably. Priyanka is a bold figure representing India and she never leaves any chance to clear the misconceptions about Indians. In the session she clears out that we don’t speak the language… ‘Indian’, as there is none and not everyone does arranged marriage either.

Precise about Priyanka :-

Though she is a travel person, she comes out “Ghar ki bohot yaad aati hai”, when asked to say something to every single person back in India. Priyanka was asked about her life changing moments, like her becoming Miss World. She surely aspires Michelle Obama. Her spirit animal, precisely bird… ‘phoenix’ ,as she can always rise from the ashes, she states. You can watch her doing accents, singing songs and bunch of other stuff like doing typical Baywatch slow-mo. You can also get to know about stuff about her Instagram posts. Is there anything she always travels with? her Mandir for sure, where she prays daily, and some hot sauce too, cause who always doesn’t need hot sauce.

She definitely has some crush on Tupac Shakur, when asked to share one thing she would ask, she immediately gets down on one knee to propose. Please, sorry and Thank you, and always stand up when someone else does, the most important lesson in manners as she learnt. ‘Unfinished’, her title of the book of life would be. Asked about a lot, but at the end was allowed a privilege to decide her own 73’rd question, there was Priyanka Chopra, as astonishing as she is, on 73 Q’s with….




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